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  • Is your workout safe if I have injuries?
    It is always important to consult with and get clearance from your doctor prior to starting a new workout routine – this is especially important if you have injuries. I do have a degree in movement science and sports studies as well cetifications to provide accurate information in my scoop of practice.
  • What is the point of doing morning cardio?
    Three main systems that we use for fuel: glycogen, fat, protein. When we sleep, we burn off a lot of glycogen, so empty stomach morning cardio is a great way to burn a higher % of stored body fat. Get your metabolism going in the morning and then you are less likely to eat garbage after
  • How to maintain an overall better body?
    Pack your food so you stick to it Eat 2-4 servings of veggies per day Eat 2-4 servings of fruit per day 80/20 rule* I don’t have my clients chose a cheat day *I teach them how to eat balanced meals and choose health wise options to create the healty habits so if it’s an event or a girls night out they can eat… but keeping in mind max two times a week for one meal that doesn't fit the healthy guidlines as long as the rest of the time you’re good!
  • How to get and maintain abs?
    When it comes to abs, diet is KEY! You do have to rain your abs to give them strength and shape though. Things to keep in mind when it comes to abs are: *proper digestion so no bloating *loss of fat to show the abs *cardio, preferably sprints :) *additional fat loss *reduce stored toxins etc.
  • How Do I Build My Booty?
    Booty building doesn't happen over night! It takes time, dedication and consistency to a clean eating plan and progressive overload workout routine. There also needs to be a balance of heavy training exercises to build all the muscles that make up the glutes from all angles. To achieve the best looking glutes you want to also incorporate the correct abdominal exercises to cinch the waist which make the glutes appear larger as well as the correct lower body exercises to lean and lengthen the muscles of the legs.
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