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 The Journey

Certified Fitness Trainer, Founder

I started running track in the third grade which awakened the athlete in me. Track & field soon become my first sport and love. Although I excelled in many other sports such as basketball, I carried on with track from 3rd grade all year round. I was involved with the Windsor legion team in the summertime and up until the track season at school. Track followed me all the way into my second year of university which I went to the University of Windsor and graduated from there with a bachelors in kinesiology and minor in psychology. Going into the program I wanted to be an athletic therapist for the NBA originally and work closely as a sports psychologist. Quick to find out that my location didn’t really have the experience or resources to get me there. 


My fitness journey really took off after an injury in my senior year which cost me my track season. I had big plans of going off to the USA on a scholarship and continuing with track full-time student athlete but my life had a different turn. My main events were 100m, 200m and triple jump. I have been to provincials with these events and broke high school records but my all time favourite event was the 100m dash. Something about that adrenaline pump makes you feel on top of the world.

Although I’ve always been smaller and more on the petite side, I have definitely had a sprinter athletic build. I am 5’4 my weight would range from 114-123 until I finally broke the 127 mark in 2015 then from there I am now able to adjust my weight and look to how I want it to be. The highest I’ve ever built myself thus far is 138. During high school, I always wanted to put on weight but I did struggle with my fast metabolism.


After the injury took place and missing the one thing I did every day, my main focus was gone. I didn’t really have a plan B all I knew from 10 years old was I was going to go off to school on a track scholarship and be working in my field but it didn’t happen like that. I ended up into a depressive state for almost a year and I was not working out or running. I still ate decently but I was eating anything I wanted and going days without eating. My life lost the structure, discipline and ambition. once I finally got myself back on track that was when I decided enough was enough I couldn’t sit back and feel sorry for myself anymore and that I needed to make some changes for the better.


I started by going for runs by the river in my city.  Did it a few times randomly and then I realized the scenery and the exercise always made me feel better so I started running by the river at least twice a week. This was the beginning stages of me getting back to myself. Fitness was therapy for me, it was a way to heal and keep myself on a positive path. Fitness was an outlet for me to work on myself inside and out.

White Noise on Black Background

Although I would volunteer my time to help coach and teach the upcoming athletes from my old high school Catholic central in Windsor I did not start personal training as a job until I was training to do a show in 2013 and the outpour of love, support and encouragement from others and a coach brought my resume in to where she was working at the time. I got called for an interview and got the job on the spot and started training that same week. Ever since that experience and the way it all fell into place I’ve never looked back. At the time I was just part-time training, still in school and then I was also working part-time as a dietary aide. My training schedule built up quickly and I started offering team training as well.


"I have a passion for helping people and helping them become the best version of themselves to love who they are, build confidence in themselves and their own goals and dreams."


Be better bodied takes into account not just the physical but the mental and spiritual aspects as well. Working out is made fun while also pushing past what limits you may have preset for yourself to believe in you and that you can do anything you set your mind to if you work toward the goal and being better. We work on training while building the mind and body, sculpting it to be the best version of you! 

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